베베그레인 바나나당근 40g 12개월 아기과자 / Bebe Grain (Banana and Carrot); Healthy baked snacks with cream filling

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베베 그레인은 국내산 곡물 8가지를 주원료로 만들어서 안심하고 먹일 수 있는 유아용 과자랍니다.
팽창제나 색소, 향로 같은 첨가물도 넣지 않아서 더 믿음이 가죠.
성장에 도움이 되는 칼륨까지 풍부한 영양간식 베베 그레인을 지금 바로 만나보세요!
Expiry date: 2022-01-24

Premium Baked Grain Rolls from Korea for kids 9 months old and above!

Let your kids indulge in healthy and delicious grain rolls - Bebe Grain. 

  • Comes in blueberry and banana & carrot options
  • Made from Korean pesticide-free grains with corn
  • A quality product manufactured in South Korea
  • Each pack contains 8 individually-wrapped crispy rolls

Perfect size for kids

Great as a daily snack at home, in school or outdoors! Individually packed for optimum freshness and kids will love the adorable packaging.

Delicious Treat without the Guilt!

KEMY Babe Grain is your solution to healthy snacking! These rolls are baked, not fried, and has 0% Trans fat! It is also a
satisfying snack as it's made with 21 nutritious grains harvested right from Korea:

Brown rice, corn, white rice, black bean, millet, perilla, rice barley, sticky barley, sorghum, glutinous rice, buckwheat, mung bean,
black sesame, red bean, black bean, black rice, black glutinous rice, kidney bean, small black bean, sesame and peas!

There, we've said it all! Phew! No wonder it's so flavourful! 
Enjoy the diverse taste of Korea's grain farms all at once in just a bite!

Banana & Carrot Cream Filling

NEW Flavour of 2021! Now presenting KEMY Babe Grain with banana & carrot cream filling! It's a refreshing and delicious treat!

Ways to Enjoy Your Yummy Roll Crackers


1. With your favourite beverage! Coffee, tea, milk and more

2. While working at the office/home

3. While studying 

4. As you are watching your favourite TV shows

5. At the picnic with family and friends

6. Simply on its own, anytime, anywhere!

Packed with Love, Sealed with Flavour

Easy to store, easy to pack, easy to eat on the go!
Your children will love these crispy rolls as part of their lunch box. It's healthy and delicious! 

Made Safely for Your Safe Consumption

KEMY Babe Grain are produced at a HACCP certified factory -safe and clean manufacturing environment with a systematic
hygiene management.

You can be assured of quality in our products.

Product Name:
Bebe Grain - Banana & Carrot
Banana & Carrot
Net Weight:
40g (217kcal)
Store in a cool dry place
Manufactured in:
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SGD 4.50 (FREE with min. purchase of SGD19)