Introduction of JJOBI BOTTLE

8th Nov 2021

Introduction of JJOBI BOTTLE

JJOBI Bottle uses advanced Korean UV-C LED technology to sterilize up to 99.9% of germs and viruses from drinking water and the bottle’s interior on the go.

We all know it’s important to protect the environment by using reusable bottles. But these bottles can be breeding grounds for germs and bacteria when we drink from it. JJOBI’s advanced UV-C LED sterilization technology from a leading Korean technology company can kill 99.9% of these germs in 10 minutes on the go! Plus JJOBI’s UV LED technology doesn’t create any heat or smell and it’s easy to use.

JJOBI Bottle - double layer stainless

JJOBI Bottle has been lab-certified by SGS (one of the world’s leading certification companies) and KCL for sterilizing and eliminating germs up to 99.9%.

JJOBI Bottle-Lab-certified-for-sterilizing-germs

JJOBI Bottle_Results of sterilization

JJOBI Bottle is made of safe-to-use PBS bioplastic. PBS is a material that is safe for children and the whole family and environmentally friendly. It’s easy and convenient to carry JJOBI Bottle everywhere for on-the-go sterilization.

What type of liquids does JJOBI work best with? We recommend customers to use JJOBI Bottle for water or light tea as the sterilization effect of UV-C depends on the transparency level of the liquid. It can sterilize up to 99.9% of germs if it is clear water in the bottle. You can always sterilize JJOBI Bottle before adding darker liquids so you’ll know 99.9% of harmful germs have been killed before adding the liquid!

JJOBI Bottle is detachable and washable. Please avoid washing the sterilization cartridge with water.

JJOBI Bottle Parts

Whether for you or your kids, JJOBI Bottle is the perfect daily companion.

Stay healthy and leave the disinfection to JJOBI ❤