Protecting Your Home from COVID-19

Protecting Your Home from COVID-19

3rd Nov 2020

We’re in the middle of a pandemic, touted as the worst one we have seen in a century. COVID-19 is far more infectious than SARS and both the elderly and young are most vulnerable. It is scary, and it definitely is serious.

Whether you are living with the elderly, or young or even both, there is a serious need to ensure our loved ones stay protected. If not outside, at least at home.

Here are certainly some steps and areas you can ensure your own home is protected from the infectious COVID-19. 

Sanitizing surfaces


Make sure that the surfaces of your home – tables, chairs, sideboards, fans and more – are not only dust-free, but also germ and bacteria-free. Especially surfaces that are high touchpoints such as door knobs and kitchen table tops.

Wipe down surfaces with a mild cleanser such as the Sugar Bubble Baking Soda Water ; Multi-purpose Spray. It’s a gentle cleanser that help keep your surfaces clean, without damaging your furniture.

Next, use a sanitizing spray such as the Cling HOCl Sanitizer Spray to help sanitize surfaces. This formula uses hypochlorous acid (HOCl) which is derived from water and is effective in removing 99.9% of harmful germs, bacteria and viruses, including the infectious COVID-19, while still being safe to use for your daily use.

In fact, many schools, offices and clinics use Cling for their sanitizing needs. You will also be happy to know that is environmentally friendly and doesn’t result in sticky residue! 

Washing your fresh produce - fruits and vegetables


Wash your fruits and vegetables cleanly before cooking or consuming.

The produce we buy from the market goes through many hands – from the farmer, courier, distributor, seller and finally to you. It is wise to always wash your fruits and vegetables with a mild and safe cleanser such as APG100 ; Dish Wash Soap Honey Apple. It not only keeps your dishes clean, but safe enough to wash your produce. 

Coming home from the outside world


While we may have taken the necessary precautions outside, there still is a slight chance that we may have accidentally been exposed to germs and bacteria. It is important that we get ourselves clean before settling ourselves down at home.

  1. Remove your shoes and store them properly in the shoe cabinet.
  2. Take a bath almost immediately when you reach home. Be sure to scrub your hands, hair and feet thoroughly.
  3. Be sure to remove outside clothes and place them in a laundry hamper.
  4. Put on freshly washed clothes

Now you can relax safely in the company of your children and family. 

Keeping our childrens' toys safe and sanitized


Children often don’t realise that they can get pretty handsy (and mouthy!) with their toys. It’s always good to periodically sanitize your children’s toys, so that germs and bacteria can be effectively eliminated. The JJOBI Box is a wonderful investment to have – simply place all of your children’s toys into the box, and in an hour, it will come off sanitized with its advanced UV LED sanitization process.

Protect your children. 

Washing your masks effectively


The mask is here to stay – and for good reason too. It helps keep our entire family safe. We need to ensure that we keep our reusable masks clean and germ-free by washing and caring for them properly. This will help to retain the effectiveness of the mask and maximise its lifespan.

Step 1: Wash your hands properly with soap for a good 20 seconds.

Step 2: Apply a small amount of mild detergent like Sugar Bubble Laundry Detergent ; Mild directly on the mask.

Step 3: Rub it gently across the outer and inner surface of the mask with your fingers.

Step 4: Rinse under room temperature water.

Step 5: Fully air-dry in the sun.

Now your mask is ready to be used again.