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Monstergims 2-Flavour Pack

Premium Korean Grilled Seaweed Snack

Enjoy 2 of your favourite Monstergim flavours with this Snack Bundle: Monstergims 2 Flavours Pack!

You can choose 2 flavours out of the famous 4: Hot & Spicy Buldak, Sesame Oil & Sea Salt, Ultimate Cheese and Mala Spicy Pepper. Tasty, crispy and so very satisfying. This is your guilt-free trip to healthy snacking. Share with family and friends, or simply enjoy it yourself at home.

It’s so good, we don’t judge.


Snack Bundle: Monstergims 2 Flavours Pack includes: 2 boxes of Monstergim Seaweed Snack
with choice of flavour:

  • Monstergim (Hot & Spicy Buldak)
  • Monstergim (Ultimate Cheese)
  • Monstergim (Sesame Oil & Sea Salt) 
  • Monstergim (Mala Spicy Pepper)

You can mix and match the flavours you want

Each box contains 16 individually-wrapped packs of seaweed goodness.


Monstergim Buldak (Hot and Spicy Buldak)
This spicy treat is a hot favourite among Monstergim fans
Great in ramen, a crunchy sidekick to grilled meats or simply eaten on its own. Spicy-licious!


Monstergim (Ultimate Cheese)
This crispy and light seaweed flavour is a delight to all cheese-lovers.
It’s light but rich in flavour. Great on its own with beer, or to flavour your fried rice. Umami!


Monstergim (Sesame Oil & Sea Salt)
This is the OG in Monstergim seaweed flavours and is popular among our fans.
Sesame oil & sea salt has a light, nuttiness flavour. Great on its own with beer, or to flavour your meals. Delicious!


Monstergim (Mala Spicy Pepper)
Calling all mala-lovers! This trending flavour is a delight to munch at eat through the day.
Crispy with the right amount of spice and flavour. Great add-ons to your meals too.


Ingredients and Nutrition

Flavour Hot & Spicy Buldak Ultimate Cheese Sesame Oil & Sea Salt Mala Spicy Pepper
Ingredients Laver (34.7%), Corn oil (33.4%)
Hot and spicy chicken-flavoured seasoning (31.9%)
Laver (43.5%), Corn oil (40.3%)
Cheese-flavoured seasoning (16.2%)
Laver (52.1%), Sesame oil (30.4%)
Corn oil (13.0%), Sea Salt (4.3%), Herbal extracts (0.2%
Laver 934.7%), Corn oil (33.4%)
Mala-flavoured seasoning (31.9%)
Nutrition Information

Calories: 609.31 kcal/100g
Carbohydrate: 27.54g/100g
Sugar: 5.56g/100g
Protein: 15.91g/100g
Total Fat: 48.39g/100g
Saturated Fat: 0.00g/100g
Trans Fat: 0.00g/100g
Cholestrol: 9.88mg/100g
Sodium: 1535.46mg/100g

Calories: 623.42 kcal/100g
Carbohydrate: 27.06g/100g
Sugar: 1.31g/100g
Protein: 17.42g/100g
Total Fat: 49.50g/100g
Saturated Fat: 7.11g/100g
Trans Fat: 0.01g/100g
Cholestrol: 14.14mg/100g
Sodium: 746.23mg/100g

Calories: 610.81 kcal/100g
Carbohydrate: 24.19g/100g
Sugar: 0.00g/100g
Protein: 22.11g/100g
Total Fat: 47.29g/100g
Saturated Fat: 6.34g/100g
Trans Fat: 0.07g/100g
Cholestrol: 15.55mg/100g
Sodium: 444.17mg/100g

Calories: 617.24 kcal/100g
Carbohydrate: 24.27g/100g
Sugar: 1.19g/100g
Protein: 18.08g/100g
Total Fat: 49.76g/100g
Saturated Fat: 6.66g/100g
Trans Fat: 0.00g/100g
Cholestrol: 9.31mg/100g
Sodium: 993.28mg/100g


Additional Details

SKK-001, SKK-002, SKK-003, SKK-004
Product Name:
Snack Bundle: Monstergim 2 Flavours Pack
Product Type:
Korean Grilled Seaweed Snack
Hot & Spicy Buldak, Mala Spicy Pepper, Sesame Oil & Sea Salt, Ultimate Cheese
Net Weight:
6g x 16packs per box
Store in a cool dry place
Manufactured in:
Shipping Fee:
SGD 4.50 (FREE with min. purchase of SGD19)

1 Review

  • 5
    Best seaweed ever

    Published by Celine on 17th Nov 2020

    Tried all sorts of other seaweeds but this was a gamechanger for me. The cheese one especially! It is super crunchy and flavourful! definitely will repurchase again

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