Choeum Baby Fabric Softener: Gentle laundry softener for baby and children's clothes - natural, safe, plant-based and anti-bacterial

Sugar Bubble
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Sugar Bubble Fabric Softener for Baby (Choeum)
No. 1 in Brand Awareness Among Eco-friendly Brands in Korea

Certified Eco-friendly


This baby fabric softener is a must-have when shopping for your baby essentials. It helps to keep your
baby's and children's clothes soft and last long.

  • 2x concentrated formula: Save more by using less

  • Plant-derived cleansing ingredients

  • Allergy free frangrance

  • Lotus flower water: soothing and protects soft baby skin

  • Vanilla extract: softens cloth

  • Officially tested for skin irritation

    • Classified hypoallergenic

    • Tested to contain no hazardous substances (CMIT, MIT, Dioxane, 6 Parabens, lead, arsenic, mercury
      and more)

The Lotus Flower: Power of Purification

It is written in 'Donguibogam - Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine' that the lotus flower is
warm in nature, non-poisonous and stabilizes the mind. It lightens the body and keeps the face from
getting old. 

It also helps in soothing and protecting soft baby skin. 

Let your baby benefit from the powerful properties of the lotus flower water.

Delicate Care for Delicate Skin


Your baby's skin is delicate, and requires extra care to help them feel comfortable in their new

It's suitable for most kinds of fabrics: cotton, linen, rayon, polyester, nylon, acrylic.

Benefits of using Choeum:

  • Peace of mind: natural and safe for baby
  • Allergy free: classified hypoallergic
  • Save more money: Double concentrate means using less product
  • Guilt-free: Ecofriendly detergenet that protects the planet


Economical: Use Less and Gain More

Sugar Bubble Choeum; Baby Fabric Softener Economical

Sugar Bubble Choeum; Fabric Softener dosage

Inspired by Soft Blankets and Warm Memories

Choeum Baby Laundry Detergent was inspired by attachment soft toys and blankets which you want to
bury your face in. We created a warm and cozy scent with deep vanila and cederwood, sweet rose and

Sugar Bubble Choeum; Baby Fabric Softener scent

Officially Tested for Harmful Chemicals 

Sugar Bubble; Choeum Baby Fabric softener-test


Allergy Free, Perfect for Sensitive Skin

Choeum Baby Fabric Softener was confirmed as a Low Irritation product from the test based on the
guidelines of Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Korea and Personal Care Products Council in the US.

It has also completed the skin irritation test to prove that it is safe for sensitive baby skin.

Sugar Bubble Choeum Skin Irritation Test Cert


Sugar Bubble Choeum Allergy free certified


  • For the use of laundry purpose only.
  • Store away from children and avoid direct contact with sunlight.
  • For the use of liquid washable clothing only. Check the laundry instructions labeled on the clothing
    before use.
  • Test a small amount of detergent before using. 
  • Suitable for cotton, linen, rayon, polyester, nylon, acrylic.
  • Not to be used for dry cleaning.
  • For sensitive skin, please wear gloves if using hand washing method.
  • Do not spray.
  • The color of detergent may darken over time. It is safe to use as it is cause by its plant-
    originated substances.
  • If contacted in eyes, rinse gently with water. Seek medical attention if irritation persist.
  • Please seek medical attention if you find any skin irritation after using the product.
  • Do not drink. If ingested, please seek medical attention immediately.
  • Be cautious of slippery content when in contact on surfaces.
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Sugar Bubble Fabric Softener for Baby (Choeum)
For baby clothing and shoes
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