Toy Storage UV-LED Sterilizer Box: JJOBI BOX - Eco-friendly and Baby Safe (Pink)

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Toy Storage UV-LED Sterilizer

JJOBI Box is your convenient and easy to use toy storage sterilization box. Simply place all your
children’s toys into the box, press a button, and let the sterilization magic do its job.

  • Eliminates 99.9% of germs and viruses
  • Eliminates infectious COVID-19
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • UV LED sterilization technology used by NASA
  • No heat, smell or noise

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Proven to Eliminate COVID-19

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The technology is proven to help elimate infectious viruses such as the COVID-19!

Safety of Your Children’s Health

Children play with toys all day long. Sometimes, they bring their toys everywhere they go; the park, the
balcony and sometimes even to the bathroom!

Unfortunately, germs and bacteria often find themselves on these very toys – not visible to our eyes.

Imagine your children putting these toys with bacteria in their mouth. That’s a recipe for sickness.

JJOBI BOX Toy Storage Sterilizer 02

Keep your children safe from bacteria like COVID-19, vibrio, e.coli and Bacillus Pyocyaneus.

The World’s Only UV LED Eco-friendly Sterilization Method

JJOBI Box sterilizes your toys cleanly and evenly every day, in just 60 minutes.

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The sterilization technology is the same as the one used for spacesuit disinfection at NASA space
station. Effective in killing 99.9% of germs – far more effective that other commercial sterilization

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Sterilization Recognised by Accredited Institution

JJOBI is certified in its effectiveness to sterilize by KCL (Korea Conformity Laboratories) for 99.9%

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How to Use JJOBI Box

JJOBI Box - How to use - Pink

Sterilize and Store Toys Simultaneously

JJOBI Box can easily store your children’s toys. Saves space in your home!

JJOBI Box - Specs - Pink

Designed Ergonomically and Aesthetically

JJOBI Box has smooth rounded edges with a secure top. Your children can safely use the box too to
access their toys.

It also comes in 3 aesthetically modern colours:

  • Grey
  • Natural Wood
  • Pink

JJOBI BOX Toy Storage Sterilizer 08

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can all kinds of toys be safely sterilized and stored?

A: It is sterilized by UV LED wavelength and does not generate ozone. Any type of material can be
sterilized like plastic, fabrics, wood and fur. Even battery-operated toys can be safely sterilized in a

Q: UV LEDs are located only under the lid. Have all of the toys at the bottom have been sterilized?

A: UV LED is a technology to sterilize by wavelength, not light. Wavelengths can be penetrated
anywhere in the box without reflection, and the sterilizing power increase more in the enclosed
space, so the toys in the box are sterilized by 99.9% regardless of their placement. However, for
better sterilization effect, please sterilize once after completion of initial sterilization.

Q: Does the UV LED need replacing? How much is the electricity charge?

A: UV LEDs can be used without replacement as long as they are powered. Less electricity is
required than charging the phone.

Q: Is there any power button on the JJOBI Box?

A: There is no power button on the JJOBI Box. Every time you open the lid to take out the
contents, the inside is exposed to the air and it is necessary to start sterilization process again by
closing the lid.

Q: Is JJOBI Box washable?

A: We recommend that you use a soft and dry cloth as JJOBI Box is an electronic device for
sterilization. If there is contaminated spot on the body part, you may use moist cloth. Do not use
water or moisture cloth for the lid because electronic components are densely packed. For detailed
cleaning instructions, please refer to the enclosed instruction manual.


Product Specifications

JJOBI Box - Components - Pink


Product Name:
Toys Sterilization Storage Box JJOBI BOX
Baby Care, Baby Product
Storage Space:
Sterilization Method:
Advanced Korea UV-C-LED Technology
Kills 99.9% of germs and viruses in 60 minutes
1 year local warranty
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SGD 4.50 (FREE Shipping with min. purchase of SGD 19)