TREETOBAR - White & Milk Handmade Chocolate Salami Set

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TREETOBAR - White & Milk Salami Handmade Chocolate Set
(Gift Packaging with Shopping bag)

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    A play on our senses, TREETOBAR’s single source Ecuadorian chocolate is handcrafted

in the shape of famous Italian smoked sausage, “SALAMI”.



Each Tree To Bar Chocolate Salami is HANDCRAFTED BY ARTISANS.

Chocolate is first tempered, before nuts and dried fruit are added to form a chocolate dough.

To create a chewy texture, the chocolate dough is kneaded well before being molded, rolled and
nestled into their packages, waiting to go home with you!





The White Salami features a chewy texture with refreshing moments of sweet and sour dried fruit
peppered in each bite, while the Milk Salami is fresh and crsipy with aromatic bursts of fragrant nuts.



Tree To Bar uses only the finest, Ecuadorian Single Origin Chocolate.

It goes very well with red wine as an occasion for special guests.


Also blends in smoothly with coffee.



This Valentine's 2022 edition also includes shopping bag and gift packaging.

Makes the perfect gift for any occasion to friends and loved ones of all ages.


Gift Box Size:

Width: 8cm
Length: 17cm
Height: 4cm
Packing colors are sent randomly.


Product Name:
White & Milk Salami Handmade Chocolate Set
White Salami & Milk Salami per box
Size & Weight:
W 8cm x L 17cm x H 4cm, 100g
Shipping Fee:
SGD 4.50 (FREE with min. purchase of SGD 19)