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You’ve found the best pumpkin chip with sweet, nutty and umami flavors!

Main Feature

Ultra Pumpkin Chips are super crunchy, with a perfect balance of sweet and savory notes.

Grab a bite anytime, anywhere, with anyone.

Have Ultra Pumpkin Chips on its own, with a glass of beer, or as a special topping on ice cream too! The options are endless!

Key Flavour in Sweet Delicius Pumpkins

Ultra Pumpkin’s ultra special recipe is about to take snacking to the next level.

The best aged pumpkins, packed full of natural sweetness are selected and dried, then mixed with korean sticky rice flour to achieve perfect crisps!

Baked Molten Salt is added for a savory, finishing touch!

Guilt-free, super crunchy pumpkin indulgence.
52% Pumpkin, 0% Artificial Coloring, 0% Preservatives

Packed full of Beta Carotene, Kalium and Essential Amino Acids.
Snacking just got good.


ULTRA PUMPKIN gives back.
Ultra Pumpkin periodically runs fundraising campaigns in support of children from low-income affected by Covid-19, as well as single parent households.

(All campaigns were managed by G-foundation
Press release:

Easy to store, easy to pack, easy to eat on the go!
Your children will love these crispy rolls as part of their lunch box. It's healthy and delicious! 


Q: What is the shelf life of Ultra Pumpkin Chips?

A: If unopened, our products last 12 months from the manufacturing date found on the package. Once opened, eat up as soon as possible! 


Q: How do I store Ultra Pumpkin Chips?

A: We recommend you store your super cool snacks in a super cool, dry place. Once opened, eat up as soon as possible! 


Q: What is the calorie content of Ultra Pumpkin Chips?

A: There are about 200 kcal in each packet of Ultra Pumpkin Chips!


Q: Is Ultra Pumpkin Chips halal?

A: Ultra Pumpkin Chips are halal-certified!



All our Ultra Pumpkin Chips are halal and produced in accordance with Islamic law. We are HACCP halal-certified.
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About Ultra Pumpkin

ULTRA PUMPKIN is bringing pumpkins back!

For generations, we’ve known about the nutritional benefits of eating pumpkins. And that’s why, we’re revolutionizing the way we eat by being the industry leaders of pumpkins in Korea, committed to sourcing high quality raw ingredients and bringing you only the best. ULTRA PUMPKIN is at the top of our game. Eat well, live long!

Product Name:
Ultra Pumpkin Chips
60g per bag
52% dried pumpkin, flour, corn starch, glutinous rice, corn oil, sugar, baked pure salt
Seal and keep in the cool environment
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SGD 4.50 (FREE with min. purchase of SGD19)